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 Nutritional Value - Controversial Issues


Puggle Nutrition

Important Facts Puggle Owners Need to Know Before Feeding Their Dog

Proper nutrition is the key element to living a healthier, happier life for domestic pets and mankind. The Human Society, veterinarians, and breeders are becoming concerned over the number of added chemicals and dyes in dog food. One study in laboratory rats has shown that antioxidants preservatives cause cancer, not to mention, the studies done on high levels of sodium. Nutrition is slowly taking the back seat for man’s best friend.
Genetically Dogs are Designed to Eat
Back before dogs were domesticated, the wild dogs ate the lower body cavity, internal organs, or muscle meats of the animals they killed. Dogs are carnivores, wild or domestic. True, the biological evolution has changed their eating habits. But the domestic dog still has a taste for fresh meat, yet lives off of processed dog foods. Can this really be good for our Puggle?

The nutritional value of eating fresh meat, intestine, and plant matter consist of vitamin C, FOS and trace of minerals, probiotics and enzymes. Canine survival and health relied on the amino acids, carnitine, creatine, vitamins, and minerals from the consumption of fresh meat. The alternative is the consumption of non-meat dietary components derived from wild diets.


Nutritional Value

Today, Puggles and other breeds eat processed dog foods that are ‘said’ to offer the same benefits as wild life food. But as said earlier, dog food contains chemicals that have some of us alarmed. There is great controversy in what our dogs should eat.

Some dogs become allergic to corn and wheat which nearly all foods consumed by our precious Puggle contain. The only option is to purchase a more natural brand of dog food. This type of dog food contains no added preservatives or chemicals and is derived by plant material.

Our dogs need fats, carbohydrates, and protein in their diet. Dog food provides the energy they need to renew structures like bone cells or muscle protein. Proper nutrition helps promote good body functions in the liver, kidneys, and muscles.


Controversial Issues

The right balance of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is what makes a meal nutritional. If we can’t trust manufacturers to create a soft or dry dog food that gives our Puggle all of this, what recourse can we take?

Slowly, raw meat is being reintroduced to the domestic dogs’ diet. The disease and illnesses associated with this practice has caused an alarming concern. Veterinarians highly recommend against this practice due to the increase in health risks. Even if you can’t trust manufactures, don’t resort to giving your dog raw meat.

Proper nutrition is essential in the growing strong bones, muscle, and living a healthier and happier life. It’s essential we do what we can to see that our Puggle is feed properly. Ask your vet or breeder for suggestions and be consistent in what you feed your dog.



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